Data Recovery


No Data Recovered, No Charge!


Local Computer Service provides a wide variety of non-invasive data recovery services. With the increasing reliance on soft data and the reduction in use of hard copies, data has become more critical than ever. From company financial data to years of family photo's, data has become the true value in our lives not the computer.


LCS can recover:

  • Accidentally deleted files, even shift+delete and emptied Recycling Bin
  • Formatted or deleted volume or partition
  • Failed Volumes and corrupt disks
  • Partially damaged disk with bad sectors
  • Broken RAID or spanned volume including windows dynamic disks

File Systems Recoverable: Fat12, Fat16, Fat32, NTFS, Raid 0 and Raid 5 NTFS volumes

Media Types:  Hard disks, floppy disks, ZIP disks, memory sticks, flash cards, RAIDs, and more 


What to do in the event of a data loss

  1. If a drive has failed, is accidentally formatted, or a file has been deleted do not attempt to reinstall Windows or other programs. Once a sector is overwritten the data at that location is in most cases permanently lost.

  2. Turn the PC or server off! If a drive is failing time is critical.

  3. Remove the drive and contact a recovery specialist